3 Reasons Women only Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Recovery Makes a Difference

Drug Rehabilitation for Women

Treatment Centers for Women - Drug rehabs and alcohol recovery centers for women only, are designed for the specific needs and traumas women faced while in active addiction. Women are more likely to struggle with long-term self-esteem and blame issues then their male counterparts and therefore have different needs. These possible triggers among others, must be healed in order for women to move forward in their lives in active recovery, and in order to avoid relapse.

Women who enter into drug and alcohol rehab tend to be more motivated, and do better in the overall sense, when they attend voluntarily as opposed to being forced. Mandatory rehab simply does not work for those who are not ready for recovery, and this is true for women as well. Even among those who voluntarily go to rehab, and have a desire to stop using, relapse rates have been noted to be as high as 50%. Is that to say that drug rehab does not work? The answer to that is, it depends.

One of the most formidable questions regarding this touchy subject is defining what it means to have success. There are no reliable standardized evaluations of rehabs to produce a quantifiable definition of success down the line. Therefore many rehabilitation centers are able to produce the best possible picture regarding whether or not drug and alcohol rehabs work. Drug Rehab for Women

It seems that the success rates for those attending rehabilitation as compared to those who attend 12 step meetings is about equal. That said, it doesn't make a difference where a person begins their journey to recovery, the fact is that they have to mentally and physically and emotionally be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve recovery and find freedom from drugs and alcohol, as well as the self-defeating behaviors that are associated with this disease.

Some people show up for N.A. for a night, or for a couple of weeks, and go back to using fairly quickly. Going to these types of meetings does not mean you are willing to do whatever it takes to stay clean. It simply means that you are open to the idea that recovery is possible in these rooms, but until you're ready to earnestly apply yourself to the principles and bookwork, there is no meeting or group of people that can keep you from using drugs, alcohol, and other stimulants or depressants.

In conclusion, a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center that has made special concessions for women will obviously increase the likelihood of the program participants finding recovery given that she is "ready" for recovery.

Drug Rehab for Women


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